Meet Dr. Chloe Greenbaum

Dr. Chloe Greenbaum, PhD, the Founder and Director of Psychology Doctoral Prep, provides hands-on support throughout all aspects of the doctoral application process.


Dr. Chloe Greenbaum, Ph.D. is the founder and director of Psychology Doctoral Prep. Chloe is ideally suited to guide you through the process of applying to doctoral programs for several key reasons. She has firsthand experience with the application process, having gone through it herself with a successful outcome. Chloe applied to clinical and counseling psychology doctoral programs in 2012 and was accepted to multiple programs, including her top choice, a Counseling Psychology Ph.D. program with an acceptance rate of 1% (she was among 3 selected from over 300 applicants). Throughout graduate school, Chloe directly supervised and mentored over 20 undergraduate and Master’s students and served as the Professional Development Advisor for a research team comprising more than 30 members. In her previous role as Faculty Liaison, Chloe attended program faculty meetings regarding the doctoral application process and gained vital insights into factors that programs value and seek in applicants. Further, she met with applicants interviewing for her program, enabling her to deepen her understanding of the characteristics that stand out to admissions committees and earn applicants interviews. 

Chloe is passionate about supporting aspiring psychologists and is dedicated to helping applicants market themselves and their impressive strengths in order to achieve their professional goals. Her mentoring style is hands-on, individually tailored, highly personal, and accessible. She prioritizes swift turnaround of materials and is available during evening and weekend hours for support. Chloe is a strong writer and editor, having won awards for the quality of her academic writing and research in addition to being published in multiple peer-reviewed scientific journals.

In her current work at Harvard Medical School/Cambridge Health Alliance, Chloe specializes in the assessment and treatment of adults and adolescents. She is also an Adjunct Professor at New York University, where she teaches graduate courses in the Applied Psychology department. Prior to embarking on her doctoral studies, Chloe obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Dartmouth College, graduating cum laude with departmental high honors. To learn more, see Chloe's CV.