“Endlessly thankful for Chloe’s incredibly encompassing support”

I can honestly say that I had never been so excited about what I was learning, the work I was doing, and the development of my career goals as when I worked with Chloe. My experience with Chloe in her capacity as a consultant for Psychology Doctoral Prep was superb. The program she designed is perfectly curated to be comprehensive - attending to every detailed step of a long and complicated process and organized in an easy-to-understand and accessible way - while at the same time remaining flexible to different timelines and program choices. From deciding if graduate study was a good fit for me to the last deeply stressful interviews and tearful decisions, Chloe provided thoughtful and constant encouragement and support. Her perspective always managed to provide clarity and confidence to an otherwise overwhelming process, and her ever-speedy response time was both impressive and endlessly helpful for those near-deadline requests. Chloe’s emotional and professional guidance has been undeniably critical to my success. I am so thankful for Chloe’s help in getting me to this moment at a place that I genuinely feel is perfect for me.

Most importantly, Chloe has been a model of a woman pursuing her passions and excelling along the way. Merely from observation, I have learned so much about goal setting, clarity of purpose, time management, and networking. I am endlessly thankful for Chloe’s incredibly encompassing support of my education and career. I am awed by how she fits all that she does into a 24-hour day, but I hope to follow Chloe’s example both in her successes and in her selfless support of young aspiring psychologists.

-Doctoral Student, University of Washington, Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program

Chloe was a phenomenal help throughout my application process to clinical psychology doctoral programs. Without her sharp eye and extremely knowledgeable support, I likely would not have had the great success I did in obtaining my acceptances. After months of researching programs on my own and trying to figure out what they wanted, Chloe quickly and confidently demystified the process for me-- it can be very confusing and obscure to a non-psychology major looking to switch careers! I never expected to have so much success, and Chloe deserves a great deal of credit in helping me shape my candidacy and receive the best possible outcome in return. When I met Chloe my confidence had been pretty diminished by  experiences in another field, and I had no idea how to assess the risk involved in trying to enter this field or to assess how doctoral programs would view my application overall.  But with Choe's help I was able to turn my reservations around, write a polished, self-confident personal statement, and choose the very best schools for me to maximize my odds. I am now at my dream PhD program and could not be happier. I recommend Chloe's services to anyone looking to enter this very difficult, but ultimately extremely rewarding field, as she has conquered it and will help you get there, too!

-Doctoral Student, LIU Brooklyn, Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program

"I am now at my dream PhD program and could not be happier"

"I would absolutely recommend [Chloe] to anybody" 

I had applied to PhD programs before and experienced rejection. I was struggling to put together a premise for a personal statement that really strung together my passion and the assets that I could bring to a program in a way that was as genuine and compelling while still being different from previous ones. Chloe's affability, preparation, and insight provided the space and guidance for me to explore parts of my experience that I hadn't seen in a way that felt natural and joyful. Her guidance was not only thematic, but also supportive! Prior rejection left me doubting my fit and after working with Chloe, I was better able to see and express the parts of my experience that I would then highlight in my CV and personal statement. Her master of academic writing helped my writing's clarity and succinctness, as well as providing ways to write about difficult subjects without weighing too heavily on the reader. I plan on reviewing my notes from our sessions in the years to come. I would absolutely recommend her to anybody wondering where to begin or simply looking for another pair of eyes on their essay.

-Doctoral Student, CUNY Queens College, Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program

I was in the thick of the application process when I reached out to Chloe. I had conquered the GREs, narrowed down a list of doctoral programs, and even drafted my statement of purpose. However, the stress of the application process was getting to me. Choosing to apply to a psych doctoral program was a weighty decision and the stakes felt high. Even though I had invested a lot of time and energy into my application, I felt unsure that my passions were translating onto paper and that I was doing my best to showcase my strengths. Chloe helped me overcome these doubts and provided tremendous support in two important stages of my application: editing the statement of purpose and later, preparing for interviews. In carefully listening to me articulate my research and clinical interests, Chloe assured me that I knew *what* to say and helped me with the *how*. Chloe is a great mentor - she provided constructive and timely feedback but more importantly, she made me feel confident about my capabilities and taught me how to stay true to myself while not selling myself short. I was especially appreciative of Chloe's genuine care for her mentees and her thoughtful and organized methods. I recommend Chloe's services to anyone feeling lost in the application process!

-Doctoral Student, Columbia University, Counseling Psychology Ph.D. Program

“Especially appreciative of Chloe's genuine care”

"Expert mentorship"

Chloe is an expert in academic writing and I am positive that her tips and techniques will continue to serve me throughout my career. Chloe’s mentorship style strikes the perfect balance of involvement and support when needed, while allowing her mentees to take the lead and make decisions. In addition to her expert mentorship, Chloe is extremely passionate, intelligent, and dedicated, and her commitment to her work continues to inspire me.

-Doctoral Student, University at Buffalo - State University of New York, Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program

"A priceless asset"

Chloe’s steadfastness, attention to detail, and genuine concern for her students have made her stand out as a priceless asset.  I was particularly impressed by her incredible support and receptiveness towards mentees like myself, in which she always fostered a supportive and flexible environment that was conducive to my growth as an academic. The ability to maintain a sense of professionalism and effectively complete her work while prioritizing the needs and demands of her mentees is an ability that most do not develop easily - but Chloe has mastered this.  Any individual would be fortunate to work with Chloe!

-Doctoral Student, City College of New York, Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program

“Helped to shape my own goals and priorities”

Chloe exhibits the ideal characteristics of a mentor. She is incredibly supportive, creating an environment of trust that can only be fostered through respect and understanding. She welcomes all questions and answers, even the smallest ones, without condescension. Chloe’s feedback is detailed and specific, leading to further learning and better overall work. She becomes an expert of everything she works on, from her research to her mentees. Chloe’s advice in terms of professional development and graduate school is always valuable, and hearing about her experiences and the work she has put into her own career has helped to shape my own goals and priorities.

-Graduate, New York University, Applied Psychology Undergraduate Studies

"Better than anything I could have asked for"

Not only was Chloe’s communication excellent, particularly when it came to answering questions or making sure expectations were clear, but she also knew the importance of constructive feedback (both handing out feedback and accepting feedback). Chloe was better than anything I could have asked for; she was entirely supportive of me and what I wanted, and was always willing to do whatever she could to breed my success in the moment and also set me up for success in the future.

-Graduate, New York University, Applied Psychology Undergraduate Studies